Privacy Policy


To all those concerned,

with this notice we inform you that for the setting up and execution of contractual and/or economic relations currently in course with you this writer may acquire information considered as “Personal Data” by the Privacy Regulation EU 679/2016 as specified below. This law demands first of all that whoever carries out the processing of personal data must inform the interested subject on which data is processed and on some of the qualifying elements of the processing. This must take place with correctness, legality and transparency to safeguard your privacy and your rights. In observance of this law and considering that transparency and correctness towards out clients are the guiding principles of our activity we provide you with the following information:

Data Controller
The Data Controller of your personal data is Convention Bureau Italia scrl in the person of its pro tempore legal representative for the legitimate and correct use of your personal data and who you may contact for any information or request at the following addresses:

Registered and Business Office: Via Nazionale, 57 – 50123 Firenze
Tel: +39 342 0148387

Data Manager
Your data can also be communicated to our External Managers to whom we entrust some processing and they are professionals, accountants’ offices, tax consultants etc. You can receive the complete list of Data Managers and entrusted data upon request to the Data Controller at the above addresses. They will process your data according to our instructions and you can contact them for information at the indicated contact points.

Type and category of the data processed.
We process your personal and contact data in order to send you our information notices. We do not process any data classified as sensitive (art. 9 Regulation UE2016/679).

Purpose of processing
By purpose of processing we mean the motive, the reason for which the data is collected. For these purposes, in certain cases it is necessary to obtain your prior consent in order to proceed with its collection and successive processing. In the case of necessity this data will be indicated in detail in a form for the request of consent where you can freely concede all or only a part of it. Below we show you briefly the purposes for which your data is used together with the legal basis of reference:

Processing methods
The data processing is mainly automatic with procedures which guarantee safety and privacy even when using technologically sophisticated means such as Internet. The data used wiIl be that which is strictly necessary in relation to the purpose.

Recipients and/or possible categories of recipients
Your data may be communicated by us, in these terms, with the intention of making it known to one or more specific subjects, to the following recipients or groups of recipients:

  • subjects who may access the data according to law, regulation or community law, within the limits set out in those laws
  • made available to archives in which your data is memorised, to those who service our information system and/or the software we use, in the case of breakdowns or problems with processing safety, for the time strictly necessary to restore the system.
  • External companies/consultants to whom we entrust some processing operations as specified in the paragraph “Data Managers”.
  • internal subjects who may become aware of your data in quality of managers or staff designated to processing nominated by this writer, the Data Controller.
  • members of the cooperative or other subjects as specified on contracts, papers and subscription duly signed.
  • members of the cooperative and its partners; the list is available by clicking on the following link:\privacy\partners

Data diffusion
Your data will not be diffused by us and by this we mean that it will not be communicated to unspecified subjects in any way, including by means of making it available or consultable.

Transfer of data outside the EU
Your personal data may be transferred to third countries outside the EU and specifically the U.S.A.
The foreign subject should adopt suitable guarantees in the processing of data in that it has adhered to the Privacy Shield System.

Period of conservation

  • The data regarding the fiscal regulatory requirement (register of accountability, fiscal fulfillment) will be conserved for 10 years starting from the date of the end of contracts with clients and suppliers (art. 2220 civil code for the conservation for 10 year; art. 22 of D.P.R. 29 September 1973, n. 600) 
  • The data of potential clients/suppliers for whom there has never been a sale or a purchase will be conserved for 2 years from the date of insertion in the database;
  • Data for the purposes of marketing will be conserved for 2 years. After which time it will be deleted or consent will be requested
  • The images and photos published on our internet sites will be removed after 2 years while those published on social networks will be removed by us after the same period as will eventual links controlled by us.

Rights of interested parties
We inform you also of the existence of certain rights which you may exercise should you consider that our processing of your data takes place in violation of that laid down in the Regulation.

  • you have the right to ask the data controller for access to your personal data (Art 15) and for rectification (Art 16) or its deletion /Art 17) or to limit the processing which regards you (Art 18) or to oppose its processing (Art 21)
  • if you have given your consent for one or more specific purposes you have the right to revoke that consent at any time (Art.13 c.2 lett.c)
  • you have the right to file a complaint to the Guarantor for the Protection of Personal Data (Art 77) or to start proceedings in the courts of law (Art 79).

Obligation and authority to provide data and consent
The provision of your data for fiscal/accountability purposes or necessary for the service delivery, is necessary. For these purposes it is not necessary to require your prior consent as per Art.6 comma 1 lett. b) e c) of the Regulation EU2016/679.

The provision of data for the purposes indicated in the paragraph “Purpose of Processing” is voluntary and is the will of the subject. It will not have any consequence relative to the supply of the service requested. For these, in compliance with art. 6 comma a) of the Regulation UE 2016/679, your prior consent is essential.