Where should I start from, once I have completed my profile?

Only when you have inserted all your information, go to the “Groups” section and join the group that best responds to your core business.

If you are a buyer, please join one of the private groups, dedicated to buyers only.

If you are a supplier, please join the group corresponding to your CBItalia member category.

Do I have to fill all the sections in my profile?

It is crucial to include as many information as possible, both from a buyers’ and suppliers’ perspective. Follow the instructions written on each section – some of them will be optional.

Which keywords should I indicate?

Write keywords connected to your core business and interests (i.e. meetings, conferences, sustainability, incentives, associations, city, countryside, venue, activities, hotel etc…). This will help the research engine yield more accurate results when looking up for a specific target of buyers/suppliers.

How do I get in contact with a buyer/supplier?

Once you have connected with a specific user, you may either write directly on his/her timeline (public post), send a private message or create a group and forum of discussion.

I am receiving too many notification emails. What do I do?

You may choose which emails to receive (none, if you wish) by entering the “Account Settings”, clicking on the small arrow next to your name, on the top right corner, and by selecting Account – Email Preferences.

Can I invite other people to join BoxIT by using the Email invites?

Supplier-side, BoxIT is a platform dedicated exclusively to CBItalia members. If you wish to invite other buyers, please inform the BoxIT staff first. Each and every new registration will be analysed, accepted and monitored by the BoxIT staff.

Can I upload images and videos?

Yes. You can upload images and documents (ppt, pdf, word etc..). To upload a video you may do so by simply copy/pasting its URL in a new post. At present, video files cannot be uploaded, but this feature will soon be available.

What is the “Groups” section?

In the “Groups” section you will find all the Convention Bureau Italia members, divided in category groups, and also the buyers group, which are private, so accessible to buyers only.

Here you can join discussion forums or enter a group and post your request to all the group members – works really well if you are looking for new ideas!

What is the “Events” section?

Here you will find all the initiatives (webinars, workshops, events, trade shows) organised by Convention Bureau Italia. From this section you will have access to the various events registration forms, together with documents, recordings and much more.

What is the “Learn&Win” section?

If you are a supplier, upon request the BoxIT staff, can create for you a customised course, made of different lessons, according to the number of topics and/or service providers you wish to include, in order to promote further your Destination or Product to all the buyers of BoxIT or to a specific target.

If you are a buyer, learn more about a Destination or a Product and achieve the certificate of “Expert on..” – oh, don’t forget, you may also win a special gadget or even a Fam Trip in one of the many beautiful Italian Destinations!

How do I know if a specific user is connected in this precise moment?

By entering the “Members” section you will find all the users that have signed up to BoxIT. Please also note that a green dot next to their profile means that they are currently online.

I need more help.

You have different options:

  1. You may use the Q&A group, in the “Groups” section, and write your questions to all the members of the group.
  2. You may contact directly, via private message, the BoxIT staff, specifically Eleonora Bizzo for the buyers and Giulia Miccinesi for the suppliers. They will get back to you asap.

If you are still having troubles with the platform and connection, please contact Convention Bureau Italia via email: boxit@conventionbureauitalia.com.